4 Ways To Give Your Guest Bathroom A Luxury Resort Feel

When guests stay at your house, you often want them to feel like they're on a wonderful vacation. While your house is homey and comfortable, you can also turn it into a luxurious hotel for VIP guests. One way to do this is with the right guest bathroom. Here are four key ways to turn this bathroom into a resort-worthy element.  

1. Keep It Simple. Don't overdo the decoration and fixtures in the guest rooms, including the bathroom. Simplicity of style, fixtures, decor, and paint schemes makes the bathroom appeal to all guests and creates a spa-like environment. Opt for a "less is more" attitude in regard to decorations and colors, including within the style of each individual decorative element. Try not to give the eye too much to focus on, instead relying on a few highlighted decor items.  

2. Include Storage. When it comes to the guest bath, many homeowners fail to include much storage space. And while you don't need as much storage space as you might for a family bathroom, the guest bath should have clear storage areas for the guests' needs. Each person should have counter space to work with, at least one drawer for their belongings, and a place to store things like towels and hair appliances. 

3. Add a Luxury Item. Having a simple style doesn't mean having a basic or boring bathroom. You'll want to include at least one luxury element to delight guests. It might be a large claw-foot tub for soaking, a rain shower, or a built-in sound system. If you have regular guests, you might aim your luxury addition to their taste. If all sorts of people will stay in the guest room, make it more generalized, such as installing a heated towel rack or heated flooring. 

4. Provide Supplies. Along with space for the guests' own belongings, include storage for extra supplies of anything the guest might need during their stay. This should include extra towels and shower supplies, a robe and slippers, toilet paper and tissues, and some toiletries in case guests forget their own. And don't forget to throw in a few surprise supplies, like candles for soaking in the bath, or delicate chocolate candies.

If you include these key things in your guest bathroom, it's sure to be a pleasure for all your visitors. No matter whether it's a large and spacious room or a small, cozy nook, it will feel like a resort to everyone who stays with you. Get in touch with bathroom remodeling services for more tips.