3 Signs You Should Just Get A New Toilet Rather Than Making Repairs

Many times, when your toilet starts acting up, you can just hire a toilet repair company to come fix it. This is the case, for example, when a toilet starts running between flushes — it typically just needs a new flapper. Similarly, a toilet that does not flush strongly may need a new valve or chain. Sometimes, however, a toilet is really not worth fixing, and you are instead better off just installing a new one. The following are signs that you should be looking into toilet replacement rather than toilet repair.

There is a crack in the porcelain.

If you find water around the base of your toilet, do not panic. Sometimes the valve that regulates the flow of water into the toilet tank just need to be adjusted or replaced. Other times, however, the water might be coming from a crack in the porcelain toilet bowl itself. Take a close look at the toilet, and see if you can locate such a crack. If you do find one, then you probably do need to have the toilet replaced. There are companies that will repair a crack in porcelain, but this is an expensive service and is not usually worth it for an item as easily replaceable as a toilet.

The toilet is from the 1990s.

If your toilet was made in the 1990s or even earlier, and it is broken in some way, this is a good time to replace it. Yes, you might be able to fix the toilet, but these older toilets use so much more water than newer models. Since you're going to spend money anyways if you just fix the toilet, you might as well pay a little more and replace it. You will save money on water in the coming months, which will help compensate for the increased costs.

The toilet is the wrong size anyways.

Years ago, people did not pay as much attention to layout when designing bathrooms. Toilets were sometimes squeezed into small spaces where they did not fit very well. If this is the case with your toilet, then this recent break may be a good time to just replace it. You can choose a smaller toilet this time around, or perhaps one with a rounder or more oval-shaped bowl, so that you can sit and stand more easily.

Sometimes repairing a toilet is just not worth it. If your toilet is cracked, is the wrong size, or is older already, just buy a new one. They're not that expensive, and a toilet installer can get your new toilet in place within an hour or two.