Maximizing Storage Space In A Small Kitchen

Small kitchens come with a host of storage challenges, and finding the right solutions can free up space on your counters while ensuring all your cooking and serving essentials have a proper place. Before remodeling your small kitchen, consider some of these cabinet and storage ideas to help keep the space neat and organized.

Accordion-Style Cabinet Doors

Instead of relying on a series of individual cabinets lined in a row, work with your contractor to create long continuous cabinets. This provides greater freedom to organize large and small items to meet your needs. Accordion-style doors keep your kitchen essentials tucked out of sight while adding a beautiful look to your space. These cabinet fronts can even be designed to look like traditional doors for a discreet appearance.

Over-Sink Drying Racks

Make use of the space between your sink counter and kitchen cabinets by having drying rack shelves installed. These shelves eliminate the need for a dish drainer and let water drip back into the sink as plates, cups, and cookware dry. Consider stainless steel designs featuring long dowel rods or metal mesh construction for this addition to your kitchen. For kitchens with a dishwasher, opt for solid shelves and use this space to keep spices organized and accessible.

Two-Tier Cabinets

Upper cabinets in kitchens sometimes leave empty space leading up to the ceiling, while other kitchen designs use drywall to fill in this space. Make the most of vertical storage by having your contractor build half-height cabinets to complete this bare area. These cabinets can be used to store everything from barware to bulk foods, freeing up the rest of your shelving space for more frequently used items. If you plan to use this space to store pantry items, have pullout shelves installed to make accessing items stored inside a bit easier.

Baseboard Drawers

Another often-overlooked space for storage is the kitchen baseboard. Behind the wood paneling sits unused space you can use for stashing cookie sheets, muffin tins, kitchen linens, and other essentials. Ask your contractor to draw up plans for pullout drawers that rest underneath the bottom cabinets. You can select large drawers with dividers to organize utensils, smaller serving dishes, and even boxed pantry items to create an additional organization system. Consider a mixture of plain drawers and those with dividers to create dedicated storage for a wide range of kitchen goods. This concealed storage provides extra space for essentials while for a clean, uncluttered look in your food prep area.

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