Tips For Building A Deck That Will Contain An Energetic Dog

In addition to providing a comfortable place for you and your family to sit, a deck can also be an area that your family dog can enjoy. If your dog frequently barks at the window or is otherwise full of energy, the option of putting it out onto the deck can be convenient. If you've hired a builder to construct a custom deck for you, you'll want to keep your pet in mind. Namely, it will be important to ensure that the deck's design will contain the animal. Here are some deck features that you'll want your builder to include in the design.

Deck Gate

Most decks don't have gates, which means that people can come and go as they please. This might work for some families, but if you have an adventurous dog that would likely run off the deck and perhaps be difficult to catch, you'll definitely want your deck design to include a gate that you can latch shut. Your builder can present you with different options for the gate's hardware so you can choose something that you like.

Railing Height

The presence of a deck gate will be effective for preventing the escape of your dog, but there are other design features that the deck should possess. Another important thing is to ensure that the railing is of an adequate height. For example, a low railing might not be an obstacle for an energetic dog, which could run and jump over the railing — resulting not only in the pet's escape but also a risk of injury. You should have a good idea about how high your dog can jump, so consider this when you choose your railing height.

Use Of Lattice

Instead of having balusters beneath the railing that a small dog might be able to slip through, consider using lattice. Its design will contain your pet, regardless of its size. Many people have lattice beneath their decks, but this is a feature that can also work well as a replacement for traditional balusters. Your custom deck contractor can show you a few samples of lattice that will complement the overall appearance of your deck. When you combine each of these three designs, you'll get a deck that will be effective for preventing your dog from getting away. Instead, you'll feel confident in putting the animal out onto the deck at various times in the day and knowing that it will remain there.

Reach out to a custom deck builder to get started.