Nice Features To Include In Bathroom Cabinets

Bathroom cabinets have a pretty simple job. They hold items like towels, soap, and wash clothes. Plain, box-style cabinets can be a decent option for a bathroom. But what if you something more? What if you want bathroom cabinets that really change the game and make your life easier? Then, you may want to look for cabinets with these features and options.

An Interior Mirror

It is common to have a mirror on the outside of one of the bathroom cabinets. However, you may want to also look into having a second mirror included on the inside of one cabinet. When you shower and the room gets steamy, this interior mirror is more likely to stay clear. You can swing the cabinet open after your shower and catch a glimpse of yourself before the mirror fogs up. Also, having a second, interior mirror gives you the chance to look into a mirror with the light at a different angle than at your main, exterior mirror.

Small Shelves for Washcloths

Storing washcloths always tends to get a bit messy. They do not stay stacked, or they tend to take up too much space. If you have your cabinets built with a few small shelves designed specifically for washcloths, then you can avoid this problem. You want the shelves close together so that you can roll the washcloths and put them between the shelves where they will be firmly held in place.

Slide-Out Bins

Another great feature to include in your bathroom cabinets is slide-out bins. You can have two or three of them in an upper cabinet. These are great for storing little items like nail polish, tweezers, and cotton swabs. This will keep these small items from getting scattered around or knocked out of the cabinet.

Spray Bottle Hangers

In the bathroom, you often want to keep cleaning products separate from your other products and supplies. This is easier if you have spray bottle hangers mounted in a cabinet — usually a lower one. These are just some plastic or metal loops hung from the inside of the cabinet door. You can slip a spray bottle top into the loop, securing the bottle.

Including a few extra features in your bathroom cabinets can make them so much more usable. Talk to your cabinet maker about the features above, and ask if there are any additional features they recommend for you.