Using Waterproofing Services To Protect Your Basement

The basement is an area of your home that will be particularly vulnerable to suffering significant water damage. Due to this threat and the sizable costs that it could involve, there can be powerful economic incentives to invest in waterproofing the basement to protect this area of the home.

Are Water Intrusions The Only Threat For Water Damage Occurring? 

Water seeping into the basement through the walls or cracks in the foundation can be one of the more obvious sources of water in this part of the home. However, this is not the only potential source of this issue. It is also possible for the interior of the basement to suffer extensive water damage as a result of high humidity and poor air circulation. Depending on the climate where your home is located and the average humidity levels for this area of the house, it will often be necessary to install a dehumidifying system so that excess moisture can be eliminated.

How Do You Avoid Degrading The Sealants That Are Used During Waterproofing?

There are a number of sealants that can be used during the waterproofing process that will block moisture from seeping through the walls. While these sealants will not require much maintenance on the part of the homeowner, it is important for the property owner to avoid accidentally degrading these sealants by using harsh cleaning agents when they are scrubbing the floors or the walls. These cleaning products could weaken the protection that the waterproof sealant provides. Fortunately, waterproof sealants will typically be extremely easy to clean as their moisture repelling nature can make it harder for stains to binding to these surfaces, which can allow you to easily clean them with a wet rag or mop.

What Steps Are Needed To Prepare The Basement For Waterproofing Work?

Prior to the basement waterproofing contractors arriving at your home to start work, your basement will need to be prepared for their arrival. At a minimum, this should involve removing any furniture, boxes, or other items that may be in this part of the house. These contractors will need the basement to be completely clear so that they can apply sealants to the walls and flooring. Washing these surfaces prior to their arrival can also help with this process as it will save the contractors from needing to spend a great deal of their time preparing these surfaces. While this work can take some time, it is an integral step in readying the house for this important preventative work.

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