Convert Steps To A Ramp In Your Home

Regardless of the size of your home, it's possible that you may have a pair of steps somewhere on the ground floor. Some homes have these steps between the main hallway and a room such as the living room. In other residences, the main hallway will have a pair of steps in it. If the steps have never really resonated with you, you can move forward with getting rid of them. A home remodeling professional can convert the steps into a stylish ramp that suits the look of your home. Here are some reasons that it can be a good idea to make this change.


A lot of people feel that ramps are safer to navigate than steps. This can especially be true as you get older. Many elderly people trip and fall on steps inside their homes, resulting in potentially serious injuries. If you don't feel very confident going up and down the steps inside your home, you'll almost certainly feel better about converting them into a ramp that has a gentle slope. If the steps are between the hall and a particular room, you might feel that you use the room more once you've replaced the steps with a ramp.

Better For Resale

Converting steps into a ramp can make your home more desirable when you choose to sell it. If an elderly couple were to consider buying your home, for example, they might like a lot of its features but not like the steps — and decide not to buy the residence as a result. Even younger people may be concerned about the presence of the steps. For example, a middle-aged couple who have elderly parents who visit often may feel as though the steps would be problematic for their parents. When you replace the steps with a ramp, your residence will be more appealing to prospective buyers.

Easier To Clean

Cleaning steps in your home can be time-consuming. Dust and hair often gather at the back and sides of each step, which require careful vacuuming. If you enjoy having a clean home but you don't want to spend more time than necessary on cleaning day, you may feel that a ramp is a better feature. It's generally quicker to push your vacuum up or down the ramp instead of having to vacuum multiple individual steps. Contact a home remodeling contractor to discuss converting steps into a ramp.

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