4 Tips For Remodeling A Dated Kitchen With Guests In Mind

Enjoying your kitchen when you have guests over requires planning when your kitchen is outdated and doesn't have the many features you desire. Suppose you've decided to remodel the kitchen. In that case, you'll need to consider your goals for updating the space and see what you can do to ensure the kitchen is ideal for any guests you'll have over.

Plan for Cooking Large Meals

Updating your kitchen through a remodeling project means choosing appliances that suit your family and any friends you may eventually have over. Instead of choosing features only for your own preferences, consider what kind of meals you intend to prepare.

Consider what kinds of meals you prefer to make and the number of guests you typically have so preparing meals is as easy as possible. If you like making baked meals, a large oven with plenty of space inside is an excellent investment. Likewise, a microwave in an accessible area can make it easy for guests to prepare quick meals if they're staying over.

Include an Island with Seating

Your dining room likely won't have adequate seating when you have guests over, making it best to have an island installed. An island will provide the opportunity to set up barstools and have additional seating for any guests you have over.

Check the sizing for islands and what fits the square footage best to ensure that your kitchen doesn't feel cramped once it's installed and seating is pulled up.

Make the Kitchen Accessible

If you're interested in updating your kitchen to make it last, you'll benefit by choosing an accessible design. Tight corners make it nearly impossible for a wheelchair or walker to move around. At the same time, too-tall cabinets can make it challenging for guests to reach if they are short or in a wheelchair.

Choose a Timeless Style

Finding the right features while remodeling an older kitchen means considering your budget and your intentions for how long the kitchen will look fantastic. If you want to remodel once and have it look fantastic for a long time,  choose timeless features that will withstand the test of time.

Granite counters, solid wood, and stainless steel appliances can all be excellent options for remodeling without the desire to update later.

As you prepare to plan the remodeling work for a dated kitchen, you'll want to choose features that make entertaining guests easy. Since you want your guests to feel comfortable and you want to be proud of your kitchen, consider the kitchen remodeling features listed above.