Things To Consider When Getting A Custom Wine Cellar Made

A wine cellar is a section of your home used to store wine in an optimal environment for aging. The temperature and humidity must be controlled to preserve the wine and prevent spoiling. Some wine cellars are pretty basic, while others are extravagant and beautifully designed. 

Are you planning on hiring a company to build a custom wine cellar in your home? You will have many options, so you should consider all the possibilities before committing to a design. Before you hire anyone and tell them about the details you prefer, consider the following things.

How Much Wine Do You Need to Store?

You should base the size of your custom wine cellar on the amount of wine you plan to store. Of course, the layout and size of your home will limit your options, but you can fit a surprising amount of bottles in a relatively small space with the right setup. Remember to plan for the future and factor in whether you might want to add more bottles down the line.  

What Spaces Do You Have Available?

What spaces do you have in your home to potentially use for a wine cellar? Many people put them in their basements, under stairs, in sections of larger rooms, closets, etc., but you can choose whatever works best for you and your home. 

What Material Do You Want to Use for Shelving?

The shelves are the most crucial feature of a wine cellar. When you hire someone to customize yours, you should discuss the shelves in detail. You will need to figure out what material you want them to use and whether or not there is a particular shape or pattern your want incorporated into the shelving design.

Are There Any Other Features You Want to Be Added?

There are so many styles to choose from when you get a custom wine cellar made, so your options are virtually endless. The main goal is to make the room look rustic, charming, and elegant. Some people like to use bricks in their designs because people used them to build wine cellars in the past, while others go for a more modern approach, with glass doors and fancy light fixtures.  

How Will You Control the Temperature and Humidity?

Setting up your wine cellar to remain at a constant temperature and humidity level is a complicated process that your designer will handle. They will design your wine cellar to stay dry and cool, using an air conditioner, ventilation, etc. They will likely give you instructions on checking the levels to ensure everything is working correctly and what you should do if there's an issue in the future.

For more information on a custom wine cellar, contact a professional near you.