How To Add Space During A Kitchen Remodel

Even in the biggest homes, there is often a need for more space in the kitchen. If you're trying to economize the available space during a kitchen remodeling project, you should look at these four possibilities.

Upgraded Storage 

People often end up using the available space in a kitchen for storage. For example, someone who bakes a lot may end up leaving their stand mixer and bigger jars on the counter. Unfortunately, this will make the kitchen feel more crowded even if there's plenty of elbow room. If you expand the available storage with cabinets, a pantry, and recessed storage, you can move many items out of the way.

You may also want to look at a storage system. One that allows you to quickly sort through the items will encourage you to store more things because you can reach them. A Lazy Susan in a lower cabinet, for example, will allow you to store a bunch of stuff and access it easily.


Large counters and islands can provide lots of prep space. However, they also will eat into your walking areas. Likewise, the added counter space tends to become a junk collector used in lieu of proper storage. Narrowing the counters and islands can quickly free up room. If you don't use a lot of the counter space, a narrower design can improve the kitchen without reducing its utility.

Removing Walls

Another common kitchen remodeling trick is to knock out the walls. Particularly, the wall between the kitchen and dining room is a good choice for removal. This will open up the space visually and physically.

You also can use the removed wall for practical features. For example, you might install an island or a counter between the kitchen and the dining room. This can operate as an intermediate area where you place prepared food while still cooking other things. Some people also like the in-between counter because it gives guests a place to sit and talk with them while staying out of the main cooking zone.


Sometimes the simplest answers are the best ones. Why economize when you can expand? Home kitchen additions make it easier to maintain your current priorities while adding space. If you need to add room for an extra oven while also making the cooking area more walkable, an addition might be the solution for you. You can use the addition to install storage or a new location for appliances. The added space could also become a new seating area.

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