How New, Vinyl Replacement Windows Will Save You Money

If you have old windows, you may have been told that replacing them with new, vinyl windows can help you save money. Maybe you looked at the price of the vinyl windows and wondered how that's even possible. The short answer is that while vinyl windows will cost you some money up-front, they will save you money in the long run. They can do so in a few different ways, including the following.

No Leaks

Chances are, your old windows are pretty leaky. Air may flow in from between the window sash and the frame, and also from between the sash and the glass part of the window. This air leakage leads to higher AC bills in the summer and higher heating bills in the winter. If you replace your old, leaky windows with new vinyl windows, the new windows will not leak. This will save you money on both your heating and cooling bills while also keeping your home more comfortable.

Less Heat Loss Through the Glass

Older windows were usually made with plain glass. Sometimes they were double-pane windows, but other times, they only had one pane of glass. New vinyl windows are almost always double-pane. The layer of air between the two panes of glass acts as an insulator, reducing the transfer of heat through the windows. In the summer, this means less heat will come in through the glass. In the winter, this means less heat will seep out through the glass. To make things even better, many new vinyl windows are made with what's known as low-E glass. Low-E glass has been coated with a special, reflective substance that helps further reduce heat transfer through the glass. All in all, there's just a lot less heat lost through new vinyl windows in comparison to old, outdated windows.

Better Latches and Locks

Do your old windows still lock and latch shut properly? Many don't. Once the material around the latches and locks starts breaking down, the latches and locks stop working. When the windows are not latched, air can seep in around them. New vinyl windows will latch and lock properly, and since vinyl is resistant to wear, they will continue to latch and lock properly. This will save you money on energy in the long run.

If you have old windows, it's time to replace them with new, vinyl windows. In the ways described above, they will save you money. 

For more info about vinyl replacement window installation, contact a local company.