3 Ways To Elevate A Jack And Jill Bathroom For The Primary Suite

Many Americans have heard of a Jack and Jill bathroom, but they envision one shared by many kids. And this style was popular in the early days of the Jack and Jill bathroom trend. However, it has matured over the years, and some of the most popular usage is among couples sharing a primary bathroom. How can you elevate the Jack and Jill style for you and your partner? Here are a few ways. 

1. Personalize Each Side

The traditional Jack and Jill bathroom often has two sides that are mirror images of one another. While this can be fine for kids' needs, adults often have very different styles of bathroom use. 

Focus less on standardizing the two halves and more on meeting each party's needs. For instance, you may not need one of the most common Jack and Jill bathroom elements: double sinks. Instead, one party might prefer more counter space and a grooming station instead of a second sink. 

2. Design a Shared Shower

What should your Jack and Jill bathroom share? In most cases, both sides either share a toilet room or a shower/tub room. 

For couples, the shared shower is the best choice. This gives you the room to install a luxurious, large shower system for a spa-like feeling. Whether you share it or enjoy it alone, it will be a centerpiece of your new bathroom. This also allows one partner to add a soaking tub to their half if they're the only one who enjoys this pastime. 

3. Rethink the Second Door

True Jack and Jill bathrooms have two entrances, which is why they were originally created for large families. But most couples don't need two doors to their shared bathroom off the primary bedroom. Rather than get rid of the second door, consider making it a door to the closet or dressing room. 

If a closet entry doesn't work for you, consider using one of the doors to lead to a secondary space in the bedroom suite. This is a great spot for one partner to add a sitting area or workout space, depending on their personal habits. This not only personalizes the bathroom, but it also acknowledges the differences in both partners' lifestyles. 

Where Can You Learn More?

How might you craft an adult, enjoyable, and more functional Jack and Jill bathroom with your partner? Start by learning more about your options. Contact a home remodeling company for more information.