Marble Wall And Floor Tiles Might Be A Luxurious Choice For Your Bath Remodel

If you're planning a bath remodel, you may be looking at tiles for the floor and walls. Marble could be a good choice if you like the way they look. Marble is a popular option for bathroom tile since it has a luxurious appearance. Here's why it's a good choice to consider. Marble Comes In A Few Colors You might be most familiar with white marble that has gray veins in it, but there are other color options as well. [Read More]

Retro Remodeling Ideas To Make Your Bathroom A Cozy Getaway

A trend in the remodeling world is to rekindle vintage looks. One of the more popular options is to create a cottage-core style. This look brings up feelings and memories of cottage atmospheres and simple, cozy living. You may think this type of remodeling project would be limited to bedrooms, kitchens, and living rooms. The truth is, your bathroom can benefit greatly from this retro remodeling idea. If you are considering a cozy look for your bathroom remodeling project, here are some retro ideas to keep in mind. [Read More]

Why You Should Hire Gurus To Install Your Quartz Countertop

As much as you might be obsessed with DIY projects, you should know where to draw the line. For starters, installing kitchen quartz countertops isn't easy. It requires a lot of skills that you might lack. With that said, you should hire a professional to do the installation. Here are some legit reasons for hiring gurus. Quick Installation If you have never done a countertop installation before, you'll have to rely on installation tutorials. [Read More]

How To Add Space During A Kitchen Remodel

Even in the biggest homes, there is often a need for more space in the kitchen. If you're trying to economize the available space during a kitchen remodeling project, you should look at these four possibilities. Upgraded Storage  People often end up using the available space in a kitchen for storage. For example, someone who bakes a lot may end up leaving their stand mixer and bigger jars on the counter. [Read More]