Interested In An Addition To Your Home? 3 Costs To Prepare For

Making an addition to your home can be a great decision when you find yourself running out of space, but don't want to move anytime soon. If you would rather go through the process of renovating your home with a new addition built, there is a lot to consider that can affect whether it's going to fit your budget or not. Instead of being overwhelmed with the cost of a home addition, consider some of the following costs and what you can expect before you move forward with building an addition to your home. [Read More]

The Process Of Converting A Bathtub Into A Shower

Converting a bathtub into a shower can be a very exciting project. You might realize that you don't like using your bathtub and would prefer to simply have a shower. The final result will completely transform your bathroom and your home will feel new again. Before you get started, you'll need to know what to expect from the process. Preparing to Replace Your Bathtub Before removing the bathtub, you'll want to consider whether you really want to do this. [Read More]