Installing A New Interior Door: What You Need To Know

Installing a new door can make your space feel so new and clean. New doors are very appealing, although they are expensive, and when you consider how many doors you have inside of your home, the cost and work can be a lot. Installing new doors a few at a time is something you can do, and you may be able to do them on your own if you are handy with tools. You may also need a helper to complete this task to hold the door in place while you set it with screws. If you are going to be installing a new door, read on for a few things you should know to help you get this done.

What You'll Need:

  • New door (the proper size)
  • Hinges
  • Door handle assembly
  • Drill
  • Screws
  • Screwdriver
  • Hammer


  1. To start, you'll need to remove your old door. Use your drill to remove the old door from the opening. If your hinges are still in good shape, you can reuse them, as well as the door handle assembly. Otherwise, you will need new ones. Remove the old door and take off any parts you intend on reusing.
  2. Once you have the old door off, you should consider scraping the area around where the hinges one were. If you have painted around the hinges multiple times, remove the built up paint so you have a smooth surface.
  3. Line up the door and hinges where the other hinges were set, and having someone hold onto the door, set the screws into place to hold the hinges and the door in place. If your holes were stripped, you can tap a dowel into the old hole and then screw into the dowel.
  4. After your door is in place and opens and closes as it should and is level, you can add the door knob assembly.
  5. If you have a dummy door nob and your door doesn't latch closed, this is a simple task—you only have to add the dummy knob and screw it in place. If you have a traditional door knob with two sides, you will have to take some time and install the knob properly according to the manufacturer's instructions that came with your knob.
  6. Install the door knob and make sure it is latching correctly, and notch out the opening in the door latch if you need to ensure the door will close and latch properly.

Installing new doors in your home may seem like a simple task, but it is anything but, especially if you plan on installing new doors throughout your home.

Contact a professional for more information about door installation