How To Improve Resale Value With A Full Home Remodel

One of the more popular reasons for executing a full home remodel is to improve the resale value of a residence. A lot goes into this kind of intensive renovation, and you'll want to make sure you're going to get the most bang for your buck. Consequently, you need to focus on these five elements that often improve a home's resale value.


The floors are always a very visible element of a house. If the home has nice wood floors, you can improve the property's resale value by leveling, sanding, treating, and polishing them. Sometimes a house needs new flooring due to damage. If you elect to add carpeting, it's wise to focus on something neutral so potential buyers aren't instantly thinking they might have to rip it out.


Old lighting systems often make rooms look less appealing. People have become accustomed to LED lighting as a sign of modernity and efficiency, and it often offers a more even and white light. Upgrading the lighting system is typically fairly cheap compared to other home remodeling services so you can expect a good return on the investment in most cases. You also can buy similar lighting components at bulk prices to reduce your costs.

Anything with Insulation Value

Failing to properly insulate a house is effectively transferring money to utility companies for no good reason. People recognize that when they're shopping for houses. Installing features with high insulation values is always a winning play as long as you ensure that buyers are aware of it.

New windows and doors can beautify a house while also reducing draftiness. Likewise, good insulation in the attic and walls can cut heating and cooling costs.

Curb Appeal

Buyers form impressions of houses from the moment they pull up. Upgrading a home's curb appeal is a difference-maker. Even just updating the paint with a fresh coat will give the home more life. If there are older shutters, replace those, too. Fix the sidewalk, patio, and driveway to ensure buyers won't develop negative opinions on the way in. Improve the landscaping if the season favors it, also.

Bathroom and Kitchen Upgrades

No full home remodel would be complete without significant upgrades to the bathroom and kitchen. All outdated fixtures and appliances have to go. If the countertops aren't in good shape, replace them. If they still look good, have a professional reseal them. Upgrade the plumbing systems in both rooms, too. Replace any old tile work.

For more information on a full home remodel, contact a professional near you.