3 Projects To Improve Functionality In A Galley Kitchen

When you put an offer on your home, you may have liked that it had a galley kitchen. But, after living in the house for a while, you may conclude that you would like the kitchen to have a little more functionality. If you are not interested in changing the kitchen's style, you should focus on what you can add or change while working with the provided space to satisfy your family.

Bench Seating

Inspecting the end of the galley kitchen may reveal an underutilized space. This is the perfect place to put in bench seating as a permanent addition. Hiring kitchen remodelers is worthwhile because they can help you make a custom table and benches to fit the space perfectly. They may even be able to find furniture that fits the space due to their knowledge of where to shop.

Another thing that you may want to add to this area is a chandelier or pendant light setup overhead to provide your family with all the lighting that they need to eat comfortably.


In a galley kitchen, you may find that you have limited space to add more cabinetry. This means that you should look for the easiest places to install new cabinets. One of the most reasonable spots is above the existing cabinets, but this only works if they do not already touch the ceiling.

While you may not be able to get large cabinets out of this extra space, your family will likely appreciate being able to get any amount of extra storage to use in the kitchen.


If you and someone else are able to walk around the kitchen comfortably, you may find that you could replace the countertop with one that has a bigger lip. However, you may not be ready to go through this major project when your existing countertop is still in excellent condition.

A viable option is replacing the sink with one that sticks out more than the existing one. This will give you an extra inch or two that can make it a lot easier to wash oversized pots and pans. You can even switch to a more durable material such as stainless steel to enjoy a longer lifespan.

When you know that your family is interested in getting more functionality out of the galley kitchen in your home, you should consider taking on these projects with professional help. To learn more about kitchen remodeling, contact remodeling contractors in your area.