5 Cabinetry Options For A Modern Kitchen

Do you still think of kitchen cabinets as being made from stained wood with lots of detail? This style is so traditional. There is nothing wrong with a traditional kitchen and traditional cabinetry, but if the rest of your home is more modern, you definitely want to opt for a more modern cabinet style. Here is a look at some lovely options.

1. Epoxy-Embedded Wood Doors

You can find some really stunning flat-panel doors made from wood with epoxy inlays. These inlays can be shaped in any way you like. They can be black for a more subdued look, or a bright color for a look that's more eye-catching. The contrast between the smooth epoxy and the grainy wood creates a look that is very modern.

2. Primary Colored Paint

Traditionally, if cabinets were not left natural, they were painted a very neutral color like white or gray. That is definitely changing. In modern kitchens, a lot of homeowners are opting to paint their cabinets in bright primary colors, like red or blue. You can then use neutrals elsewhere in the kitchen to tone down the look, perhaps echoing the cabinet color in other accents like your curtains or an area rug.

3. Black Hardware

Black hardware is all the rage right now. The design is typically as simple as you can find; think plain, round knobs or long bar-style pulls. The black creates a bold, yet simple look. If you choose a granite slab with a lot of black in it for your counter, this style feature is the perfect complement.

4. Open Shelving

Mixing some open shelving in with your closed cabinets is very modern. You can place a couple of shelves next to the sink or the range. Use these shelves to display the more attractive of your kitchen implements, like your French press coffee maker or your cast iron skillet.

5. Glass Doors

If you don't like the idea of having items out in the open on shelves, you can instead choose a few glass doors for select cabinets. You can use frosted glass to slightly obscure the look if items inside, which will make you less worried about messes. Just one or two glass-door cabinets can make a modern kitchen look so much more open.

Talk to your custom cabinetry designer to learn more about these and other options that fit well in modern kitchens. 

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