4 Kitchen Remodeling Tips For A Minimalist Look

If you enjoy the simple, minimalist look, you are probably looking forward to remodeling your kitchen to fit this aesthetic. But a kitchen is a room that tends to contain a lot of appliances and also a lot of smaller tools and clutter. If you want the space to truly look simple and uncluttered, then you are going to want to employ these minimalist remodeling tips.

1. Enclose your appliances.

A kitchen will look a lot simpler and sleeker if the appliances, like the microwave and refrigerator, are not readily apparent. So work with your remodeling contractor to create a cabinet design that hides these items. Refrigerator nooks, which feature large doors to enclose the fridge, are becoming increasingly common. Garage door-style microwave enclosures are also becoming popular, as are separate cabinets for things like toasters and coffee makers. Ultimately, you don't want any appliances to just be left sitting out on your counters.

2. Settle on a three-part color scheme.

Making everything one color is going to result in a look that's very flat. Two colors can work, but that also tends to lack character. Your best choice for a minimalist design is to choose three colors to work with. Two should be your majority colors — the ones you use for big items like the cabinets and counters. These should be neutrals. The third color can be a brighter or more vibrant one, and you can use it for accents like the curtains or tablecloth.

3. Stay away from patterns.

Patterns and minimalism do not go hand in hand. You want to steer clear of them and instead go with solids. One exception may be your counter. If you choose granite or quartz, you can choose a slab with some natural veins of color. This will call some attention to the counter since this will be the only pattern in your space.

4. Use your cooking items as decor.

A good way to keep your minimalist kitchen from looking too busy is to use items that are already there as decorations. Include some hooks on the wall where you can hang a few pans. The pans will double as a usable item and decor. You can also hang some serving utensils or measuring cups.

If you follow the tips above when remodeling, your result with be minimalist and beautiful. Talk to a remodeling contractor, like those at Moir Construction, to learn about more ideas that may work in your specific space.