Remodeling Your Kitchen In 2020? 4 Trends To Lookout For

Remodeling a kitchen is a great opportunity for you to be creative and decide what you really want your home to look like. Before you just pick anything for your kitchen, there are four tends that you may want to consider incorporating into your kitchen. 

1. Sleek Lines

If you like the look of modern design and simplicity, then you may want to hop on this trend train. In 2020, sleek lines in cabinetry are taking a front row seat in popularity. By having a sleek, streamlined look, it can make your entire kitchen look cleaner, simpler, and elegant at the same time. Whether you want sleek cabinetry that's in a color, or you want to embrace the light oak trend, there are tons of sleek options out there for you to choose from. 

2. Aqua Accents

The last color you may have seen coming in design was aqua, but it's definitely something that's popular in 2020 — specifically when it comes to kitchen accessories like kitchen backlash, kitchen accents, and kitchen appliances like toasters and mixers. If you really want to have a lot of fun with this design trend then consider adding different shades and hues of aqua into the mix; that way you get a more eclectic look overall. 

3. Marble Countertops

While granite and quartz countertops will still be popular in 2020, the most popular natural stone for countertops is marble, and it's not just for counters. Marble is also great to use for kitchen backsplashes, especially in large slabs. Marble isn't just a gorgeous stone, but it's a classic one as well and works with just about any design style including traditional, modern, bohemian, and eclectic. 

4. Mix of Design Styles

Another trend that you can expect to see all across the board is a mix of design styles. While mixing design styles isn't just popular in kitchen design, it can definitely be a great room to start with. Specifically, try to add vintage pieces with more modern pieces in your kitchen. For instance, you can have modern cabinets while adding some vintage light fixtures to the mix to create more of a unique look overall. If you are unclear how you can get away with mixing styles without your kitchen looking disheveled, work with a professional designer to achieve the perfect look. 

To learn a little bit more about kitchen remodeling trends to follow, reach out to a contractor and designer near you.