Roof Over Advantages: Why You Should Choose To Install Your New Roof Over The Old One

If your home needs a new roof, your roofing contractor will give you the choice of having the existing roofing materials completely removed or having the new roof installed directly over the top of the existing one. For those who have never had to make this choice, you may not be sure which one is best. Here's a look at some of the benefits of having your new roof installed over the top of the existing one.

Cost-Effective Option

One of the biggest reasons for many homeowners to choose a roof over instead of a complete replacement is finances. Having your new roof installed directly over the top of the existing one is far less expensive than having the existing roof removed and a new one installed. You'll save in labor costs because you won't have to pay for the additional time required for your roofing contractors to pull the old roof off your home. This can be a labor-intensive process, so the cost adds up quickly for this.

In addition, you will also save on the materials cost because you won't have to pay for the new sub-roofing, waterproofing layer, and other components that must be replaced during a complete roofing replacement.

Faster Process

When you opt for a full roofing replacement, you're looking at potentially days or weeks of additional time for the project. It takes time to remove the existing roofing materials. If you are looking to have your roofing project completed in a faster timeframe, no matter the reason, you should talk with the roofing contractor about a roof over instead. The only time investment for a roof over is the time required to install the new roofing materials. That means your roofing project will be done faster and more efficiently.

Less Waste

For those homeowners who are looking to reduce their environmental footprint, the less waste you send to the landfill, the better. If you opt for a roof over instead of a new roof installation, this will significantly reduce the amount of waste that you generate for the landfill. 

When you remove the entire roof from your home to replace it with a new one, that generates a lot of construction waste. You'll have to rent a dumpster to handle all of this waste. With a roof over, you don't need to worry about this because your existing roof stays intact instead of having to be disposed.

Talk with your roofing contractor today for more information about your roof replacement. See if a roof over is a viable option for your home's new roofing needs.