4 Types Of Carpet To Consider Installing

Carpet installation experts can install any type of carpet you like, whether that's an all-natural jute carpet or a high-end wool carpet. Here are some of the different types of carpet to consider installing in your home.

1. Plush, luxurious carpet

If you live alone with no pets or your kids are all grown up, you may find yourself in the market for a super-plush carpet. While not as practical for homes with little kids, these types of carpets can be a great way to add some luxury to your home. They can even help keep your feet warm on cold mornings.

2. Easy-to-clean carpet

If you have young kids, foster pets that aren't always house-trained, or some other potentially mess-producing element in your life, you'll need an easy-to-clean carpet. Even if you only install the carpet in rooms where kids aren't supposed to go, there's no guarantee they won't find a way to get in and spill things.

Nylon carpets are quite easy to clean and resist problems such as staining. In addition, if you want an easy-to-clean carpet, you'll want to choose a product that has a low pile rather than a super long fluffy carpet.

3. Eco-friendly carpet

Many styles of eco-friendly carpeting products exist, from super-plush designs to bare-bones industrial types of carpeting. Some factors to consider when comparing eco-friendliness levels are:

  • Whether the carpet is made with a lot of unsustainable materials (such as virgin petroleum products)
  • What the end of its life cycle looks like (for instance, whether or not it's recyclable)
  • How long it lasts before you need to install a new one

Cotton, sisal, jute, and seagrass are a few natural, sustainable materials to look for.

4. Insect-resistant carpet

Many high-end and eco-friendly carpets are made out of natural materials such as wool. While wool can be an amazing fiber, it's also a giant buffet for wool moths, carpet beetles, and other animal-fiber-munching insects. If you don't want to worry about treating or inspecting every inch of your carpeted floor for bugs regularly, you may want to choose a synthetic fiber.

Another option for an insect-resistant carpet is to choose a plant-based carpet such as one made of cotton. A carpet made with only plant-based fibers (or a combination of these fibers and synthetics) won't be attractive to insects, which typically prefer animal fibers.

These four categories can help you narrow down your search as you look for the perfect product for your next carpet installation. Whether you're carpeting your bedroom, living room, front porch, outdoor living area, or dining room, carpet installation experts can help you find the perfect carpet type for the project. Contact a carpet installation company for more information.