Fun Features To Add To An Aquarium-Themed Bathroom Remodel

Beach themes and aquarium themes are both popular for bathrooms since they're both water-related. If you're looking to remodel your bathroom into an aquarium-themed paradise, you'll want to add some key features to give you the feel of being in an aquarium.

Here are some fun ideas that you could consider adding as you plan your bathroom remodel for an aquarium-themed bathroom.

1. Resin floor with fish in it

Resin flooring allows for colorful murals, sometimes even three-dimensional ones, in the theme of your choice. Fish-themed murals are a popular option, so one of these epoxy resin floors could go quite well with an aquarium-themed bathroom remodel.

Some homeowners decide to DIY their epoxy resin floor murals, but choosing a professional job will ensure that your results are high-quality. Professionals can obtain better quality materials and have the equipment needed to obtain great results.

2. Tinted shower glass or tiles

You have several options for making your shower fit in with the theme. You can go for an all-out blue shower enclosure, which may be hard to come by as they're not that common. You could also choose a blue glass shower door, or a tiled shower made of blue tiles. For a more creative option, you could even choose a shower enclosure built out of the glass blocks used for bathroom windows, but in a deep-sea blue color.

3. Acrylic toilet seat

Some toilet seats are designed with a clear acrylic material that lets you see what's inside (similar to an epoxy resin floor material). Many of these come in fish-related themes, meaning that if you add one to your bathroom, you can even get your toilet in on the aquarium-themed fun. 

4. Fishbowl-themed sink

A bathroom sink with a fishbowl design can really take your aquarium-themed bathroom to the next level. You can look for a basin-style sink that has a basin-shaped like or painted with a fish-related design. Or you can go all out and buy a bathroom sink that doubles as an aquarium.

These are just a few of the awesome aquarium-themed features you can add to your bathroom remodel. Don't forget to add fish-themed accessories as well, such as an appropriately patterned shower curtain or window curtain and maybe some fishy wall art and a fish-themed mirror.

Your remodeling contractor can help you plan out your best aquarium-themed bathroom remodel while staying within your budget. Get in touch with your local bathroom remodeling contractor today to learn more about the options available.