Qualities Of Quartz Countertops That Make Them A Great Replacement Option For Your Kitchen

When looking to replace your worn kitchen countertops, you could be leaning towards materials you are familiar with, such as granite or even laminate, but these should not be your first choice. Certainly, you may be familiar with their properties as well as their maintenance needs. However, sticking to outdated supplies that you have used before will not add any oomph to your kitchen remodel.

To make the most of this project, you should consider experimenting with contemporary supplies that will not only provide you with the functionality that you need but will also elevate the visual appeal of this space. And one material progressively making its way into American households is quartz. Comprising silicon, polymer binders, and resins, quartz countertops offer a vast range of advantages that are making them a much-sought-after investment during kitchen remodeling projects. Check out a few qualities of quartz countertops that make them a great replacement option for your kitchen.

Quartz countertops come in a variety of colors

For some people, one of the biggest selling points of quartz countertops is that options look similar to granite. But if you are looking for kitchen countertops that will add visually interesting hues to your space, you should know that quartz countertops come in a variety of hues. White quartz countertops are especially popular among homeowners remodeling their kitchens with a minimalist or contemporary vibe in mind, as this material will reflect light while simultaneously complementing the neutral aesthetic that they are curating in this room.

If white sounds too striking for your tastes, you have the option of gray quartz countertops. For some visual interest, consider slabs with silver accents that will stand out against this gray background. Other color options that you can deliberate on when shopping for quartz countertops include blacks, pale blues, and so on.

Quartz countertops are unproblematic to maintain

Whether you are an enthusiastic home chef or an avid host, one thing you can agree on is that the kitchen countertops take the brunt of your kitchen activities. From knife scratches when prepping food to wine stains when entertaining guests and even scorch marks from hot cookware, you are probably looking to replace your old countertops because they could not withstand the demands placed on them.

These are not worries that should concern you once you choose quartz countertops. The first thing to know about this material is its impervious comparison makes it resistant to virtually all kinds of stains ranging from oils to beverages. Likewise, these countertops are highly scratch-resistant too. With that said, you can expect unproblematic upkeep, as all you will be required to do is wipe down the countertops after every use.

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