Are You Looking For Wood Kitchen Cabinets? Here's Why Hardwood Is The Right Choice For You

Wood kitchen cabinets are the way to go when it comes to creating an elegant-looking kitchen. One of the main advantages of wood kitchen cabinets is that you can choose from a wide range of wood species and map out a design that fits perfectly with your kitchen decor. Keep reading about the things to consider for the wood cabinets that you want for your new kitchen design:

Wood Materials

There are various materials used for your wood kitchen cabinets. Some of these include:

  • Oak—This is a strong and heavy type of wood with a very smooth texture, making it easy to work with. Because it is so popular, you will find oak flooring, furniture, and cabinets easily.
  • Tulipwood—Tulipwood is a very light type of wood that has an almost buttery look to it. It is also very strong and works nicely in kitchens because it won't stand out as much as some other types of wood might.
  • Walnut—Walnut is a very heavy hardwood that is dense and a bit difficult to work with, but the aesthetic appearance makes it worth the investment. The grain patterns in walnut are beautiful and make this type of wood perfect for cabinets or other projects where you want the natural beauty of the wood to show through.

Adding color to your cabinets can be done in several ways. Some people choose to paint their cabinets, which can be good because it can give you the option to change the finish of your wood cabinets whenever you want.

Type of Cabinet Units to Use In Your Kitchen Layout

It is important to consider the sizes of the cabinets when purchasing your kitchen cabinets. While it seems like a simple and easy process, there are actually multiple sizes that you need to know about. If you fail to do so, you might end up with cabinets that are too big or too small for your kitchen. Here is a quick guide on kitchen cabinet sizes.

  • Base Cabinets—These are the largest type of cabinets in your kitchen. Base cabinets are used as an anchor for all the other cabinets.
  • Door Cabinets—This kind of cabinet is usually a little smaller than base cabinets and can be placed on top or side of base cabinets. Commonly found in pantries or utility rooms, door cabinets will be available in a variety of heights and widths.
  • Wall Cabinets—Wall cabinets are big and can be either mounted on the wall or freestanding on the floor. They typically come with three doors, one above another, and are very functional.
  • Upright Cabinets—These are usually slim cabinets that are used to store items such as glasses, plates, china, and other fragile items.

Various features can be used with the different types of units you use in your new kitchen layout.

If you want to create a new look for your kitchen, contact a wood cabinet service to discuss these ideas for the design. 

For more information on wood kitchen cabinets, contact a company near you.