Marble Wall And Floor Tiles Might Be A Luxurious Choice For Your Bath Remodel

If you're planning a bath remodel, you may be looking at tiles for the floor and walls. Marble could be a good choice if you like the way they look. Marble is a popular option for bathroom tile since it has a luxurious appearance. Here's why it's a good choice to consider.

Marble Comes In A Few Colors

You might be most familiar with white marble that has gray veins in it, but there are other color options as well. You can get tan, red, black, gray, and green marble. Plus, there are different shades of veins for white marble.

You can pick the color that best matches your home decor. However, white polished marble might be a good idea for wall tiles since it's shiny and reflects light. This could make a small bathroom look larger and help any bathroom seem lighter and cleaner.

You Can Use Marble Tiles On Floors And Walls

Marble tiles can be used on shower walls, bathroom walls, and the floor. Water doesn't harm the tiles, so marble is a good choice for a bathroom. By putting the tiles on the floor and walls, you can create a uniform look.

While you might want polished marble for the walls, honed marble might be best for floors since it doesn't get as slick when it's wet. Plus, you can texture the marble with products so the floor isn't slippery.

Marble comes in a few sizes, so you may want smaller tiles for your bathroom unless the room is large. You may want all tiles in the room to be the same size or you might want smaller tiles on the walls and larger tiles on the floor.

Your bath remodel contractor can help you choose the right type of marble for your flooring and shower so it is safe, attractive, and long-lasting.

Marble Bathroom Tile Is Easy To Maintain

Marble can be stained or etched by acidic liquids, so you need to be careful with the cleaning products you use, and only use cleaners meant for marble. However, you don't have much worry over stains in a bathroom setting like you would in the kitchen.

The tiles are easy to clean and keep shiny. You can dust them and damp mop the tiles to keep them clean and sanitary. You may need to seal the floor occasionally, but you may not need to seal the wall tile. The contractor you use for your bath remodel can offer advice on how to maintain your tile and whether you'll need to apply sealer throughout its life.

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