Remodel Your Kitchen To Maximize Accessibility For Your Whole Family

A fit and healthy adult may find it easy to access everything in their kitchen. However, you might have a large family that includes your children and parents. These individuals may find it more challenging to access and use everything in your kitchen with its current design and setup.

Maximizing accessibility for your entire family is possible with remodeling projects. You can learn which kitchen projects to focus on to guarantee a positive outcome. 


When adding an island, you want to think about everyone while creating a design. An excellent example is considering the island's height because this will impact your family's ability to sit at the island and use it for cooking. For instance, an island of above-average height can make it difficult for your kids to use for certain food preparation steps such as cutting vegetables.

Another potential challenge with a tall island is sitting down and eating. A shorter island is a better option because it will help you accommodate your children and parents. You can look at kitchen showrooms with them in person to find a height that works for everyone.


A pantry can bring an impressive amount of storage to your kitchen. Opting for a walk-in design is smart because it will give you storage space in every direction. You can maximize accessibility by focusing most of the storage on the lower half of the walk-in pantry. An excellent example is investing in cabinets and drawers around the bottom for concealed and organized storage.

Adding a narrow countertop around the perimeter of your pantry is useful because you can set small appliances, ingredients, or non-perishables on top. When you need to grab a handful of items, you can grab each one and put it on the countertop before looking for the next one.


Younger children might have a tough time reaching the kitchen faucet handles. So, they may need to go to the nearest bathroom to easily and reliably wash their hands. A touchless faucet is a superb solution because your kids will not need to reach any handles.

Another possible concern is your children reaching the soap, typically stored around or behind the faucet and handles. An easy solution is to invest in a sink material, such as stainless steel, that allows attaching a suction cup soap holder on the side or front of the sink.

Use these tips for remodeling your kitchen to maximize accessibility for your whole family. Reach out to a kitchen remodeling contractor to learn more.