Modern Features To Consider For Your Shower Remodel

Are you revamping an existing bathroom with the help of a remodeling service like Shower Pros LLC? Rest assured, a bathroom remodel is bound to bring both monetary and functional value to your home. However, it can be easy to get a little lost when it comes to picking from all the functions and features available today. This statement is especially true when it comes to the features you want for the shower remodel part of the process. 

The days are gone when a shower was a simple box-style unit with a standard overhead sprinkler to distribute water. You have a full collection of impressive options to pick from. Take a look at some of the modern features to consider during your shower remodel. 

Smart Lighting Options 

If you see your daily shower as a rejuvenating experience, lighting can be a big part of that. Modern shower lighting options can make it possible to: 

  • Have a dim light that gradually grows brighter for your morning shower
  • Change the hue of the lighting in the shower to a rainbow of colors 
  • Adjust light brightness or intensity in certain areas of the shower 

Best of all, many of these lighting features have smart functions. For example, you can set the lighting to automatically adapt when you step into the shower or gently pulse to the sound of music. 

Shower Head Options 

Forget the boring overhead shower that only sends out water in one direction. If you want your shower to be more efficient and enjoyable, you can actually opt for multiple shower heads within one shower. For example, if you want a rainfall shower head positioned on the ceiling, a standard shower head on the wall, and a few water jets, all of these are a possibility. You may even want a hair-rinsing wand. In addition, shower head units can have some pretty tech-savvy features, such as touch screens for temperature adjustment, voice activation, and settings to cut back on how much water you use. 

Shower Addition Options 

If your shower remodel project will mean installing an open area for showering with ample space, you may want to include a few modern shower additions. For example, a lot of property owners are going with steam systems that can transform their showers into a sauna. You could go for an in-shower bench as well, which definitely pairs well with sauna steamers so you have a place to take a seat and relax. Inset storage built into the walls to house toiletries, heated towel racks, and even Bluetooth speakers are possible additions to consider.