5 Ideas For Anyone Remodeling Their Bathroom

Is your current bathroom a bit dated and you want to give it a makeover? With so many things that you can do in this small space, it will help to have some bathroom remodeling ideas that can really make the remodel worth it.

Frameless Shower Enclosure 

One trend in modern bathrooms is to ditch the bathtub and install a shower. However, the big innovation is to remove the frame and create a frameless enclosure. This creates a very modern look by installing a drain near the bottom of the shower door. It prevents water from leaking out onto the floor and creates a zero threshold entry that prevents missteps when entering the shower. 

Floating Vanity 

The traditional way to handle the sink in a bathroom is to install a vanity with the sink mounted on top of it. A new trend is to use a floating vanity without the cabinet underneath. It does require a bit more elegant solution to the plumbing going to the vanity, but it provides a very modern look that is even wheelchair accessible. 


Natural light can work great for a bathroom, but many people like to maintain their privacy with the blinds or curtains closed. That's why it may be worth installing a skylight to let in some natural light during the day. You do not have to install a huge skylight, either, since even a tubular skylight can be enough to brighten up your bathroom. 

Heated Flooring

Ever dread stepping out of your shower because the floors are cold? The solution to this problem is heated flooring. It works by placing a grid of electrical cables underneath the tile floor, which are attached to a timer next to the light switch. Turn on the heating cables before you enter the shower, and the floor will be nice and toasty when you exit. No more shivering while standing on the cold bathroom floor anymore. 

Spa-Like Features

You can create a spa-like atmosphere when you are showering by using multiple shower heads. An overhead rain shower head can make showering a totally different experience as the water rains down from up above. If you are creating a fully enclosed shower, you can install a steam generator to create a steam shower. The steam will all be trapped behind the glass door so that you can enjoy an experience like you are in a sauna. 

For more information on bathroom remodeling, contact a professional near you.